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Visit our online web site at https://www.wplast.co.za/ and view or products.  You can place an order online.  You will receive a proforma invoice when stock is available.  We will inform you as soon as your order is ready for collection after payment has been received. 



        Download Waldo Plastics Price list in a PDF format.

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 Or view our product price list at: 





Order requirements - Minimum quantity per product specified on product price list. 

We do not deliver but if you cannot collect we can arrange a courier services.   

Collection of orders - only after payment received.

Order online from our website at www.wplast.co.za

The benefits of online ordering:

  • Customers enter their own orders, less mistakes.

  • Customers can shop and change items until satisfied with selection before pressing automatic order button in the “check out” list.

  • View pricing and dimensions online.

  • Using our web shop a user can browse Waldo Plastics products and when ready to order, register as a client entering his login details.

  • The user will receive an activation email to confirm that his email address is correct.

  • After login with the registered details, orders may be placed using the web based ordering system.

  • Once a selection of items has been made, the user must click on the shopping cart in the navigation bar.

  • Clicking on checkout will start the ordering process.

  • The user will receive a picking slip email with the sum of ordered items.

  • A proforma invoice will be issued once availability has been confirmed by the packing crew.

  • Once the administrator is satisfied that stock is available and prices, a proforma invoice will be send for payment.

  • Once the customer is happy, he may click the accept quote link in the email and this will move the order to the next step: Awaiting payment and the customer will receive an email with invoice attached.

  • Once the order has been fully paid, it moves to the next step: Packing Order.  The customer will receive an email that stock is ready for pickup., with a delivery notification attached.

Our plastic products are manufactured from PP (polypropylene) except for the black plastic products that is made of recycled PP.    

The properties of Polypropylene include...

  • Semi-rigid

  • Translucent

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Tough

  • Good fatigue resistance

  • Integral hinge property

  • Good heat resistance


PP does not present stress-cracking problems and offers excellent electrical and chemical resistance at higher temperatures.


Recycled plastics will be more expensive in the long run because of factors such as material brittleness.

Our Plastic Products